Adriano Espaillat

Adriano Espaillat

Adriano Espaillat

Adriano Espaillat got his start as a community activist in Upper Manhattan, and currently serves in the State Senate. In the legislature, Espaillat quickly distinguished himself as a reformer and progressive fighter who has stood up for working families.

In 2011, Espaillat led the fight to renew New York State’s tenant protection laws, which were set to expire that year. Espaillat’s advocacy safeguarded over 1 million units of affordable housing, and earned new protections for over 2.5 million people, including the creation of the Tenant Protection Unit to stop harassment and abuse.

As Chair of the Senate Latino Conference, Espaillat has championed state-based immigration reforms, including legislation allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, the DREAM Act, and the Farmworkers Bill of Rights.

Espaillat has been a vocal advocate for tenants, consumers, veterans, immigrants and local businesses. He has championed marriage equality and civil rights issues, and efforts to protect our environment from hydrofracking and other dangers.

He has passed laws preserving affordable housing, giving low-income day care workers the right to organize and obtain health care, and sponsored measures to improve hospital translation services. He established a higher education scholarship fund for relatives of the victims of American Airlines Flight 587, which crashed on November 12, 2001. 

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